Most of the time I draw directly on a block using a sketch of some sort to guide me. Sometimes I draw completely free on the block or even just carve and make marks without any guide at all. But sometimes I transfer a photocopied image from a book onto my block. It's kind of a pain in the butt but the results are worth it. I'm trying to do that in places with my latest block but the photocopies I made at the library just aren't transferring. Using fresh photocopies and using oil of Wintergreen has always worked but leaves my block so stinky that I don't want to be near it for a week or two. Now that the toner on the library photocopier must have changed I am going to seek out some less stinky transfer methods rather than hunt down a photocopier that uses carbon toner. The wax paper transfer method is the most appealing right now because I can use my own inkjet printer. But I could also damage my own inkjet printer which is less appealing. A trip to Staples for some transfer paper may be on the schedule today. I need to get this drawing finished so I can start carving. I need to start carving soon! I am feeling rather impatient at the moment.