JP Lantern Parade

An Artful Life

Weaving art into the tapestry of everyday life by including my children and family in my artful life. This week that was making lanterns for and walking in the lantern parade here in Jamaica Plain. It was the 30th annual parade at the pond and our first time walking it as a family.

Crafts are not my thing. Learning a new skill in what at least at the time feels like a high pressure environment is not my favorite activity at the end of a busy week. But on Friday afternoon after school after my little girl woke up from her nap grumpy and ran around the house mostly naked for awhile I made a batch of glue slurry, cut up some tissue paper and got to creating with my big girl. The big girl had a great time building her lantern that little girl eventually calmed down and joined us to help out with the finishing touches. 

The glue started to dry on my fingertips and that bothered me but I kept going. Soon our lantern was done. Then I made two more on my own. Funny thing how the learning process can be so painful at times but then something clicks and you just keep going and keep creating. I got to use some fun tissue paper that I have been hoarding for years.

Our three homemade lanterns dried overnight and we went to the 30th annual Jamaica Plain Lantern Festival on Saturday night with them and had a wonderful time walking around and seeing all the little kids in their costumes and running into neighbors in the dark walking around the pond and trying not to stumble into each other. There was a lot of music and dancing as well. We will be back next year.

The lanterns at Jamaica Pond  

The lanterns at Jamaica Pond