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Morning Pages

After months off this Morning Pages writing is extremely effective at opening up my mind and generating blog topics and content. Getting through a month of daily blog posting for #nanoblopomore would probably be a failure already if I didn't start up Morning Pages in late October. I came up with three rough drafts just this morning for me to expand on later. I love it! This leads me to believe that I should find a way to make Morning Pages work for me year round and not just during the dark and cold winter months. If I want to keep blogging and I do then I need to write more or my mind will just be visual. The visual is obviously super important but adding text to my visual thoughts and journey and being able to express myself with words is pretty important for eventual success. 

Repeating myself. Draw more, paint more, write more.

More more more! Also sleep more to keep myself energized. I went to bed early last night and woke up this morning feeling wonderful. Good morning indeed! We are going back to NYC this weekend and I am excited to bring my sketchbook to various places. After a bit of a slump I am back to drawing whatever comes to mind and strikes my fancy and enjoying it. Case in point moths are interesting to draw but I needed to draw a bird to eat them so I could sleep last night.

moths did not haunt my dreams last night

moths did not haunt my dreams last night

Week Two Impressions

As we finish up our second week having the girls in neighboring schools I am able to step back and get an impression of how it's going. It is going fabulous, better than I ever anticipated. Montessori school is a perfect fit for my youngest child and we love her class and she skips in most days. I am getting more time with big sister and feeling more of a connection with her and with her school by taking care of her drop offs in the morning and Jon is getting to the T faster. It's so bitter cold that we have been driving to school which I don't love. But I do love that the preschool has an actual parking lot and that I am usually home and ready to work by around nine. Pickup isn't until one for the little one. That is a lot of hours to get stuff done. And I am getting stuff done. I can't help it. Even when I waste time I am just not capable of wasting that many hours four days a week. Things are happening. I am gearing up for an exciting spring. 


Inspire Me

Allowing myself to be inspired by everyday objects and everyday beauty I just need to keep my eyes open to see it whenever it happens. Sometimes in the most random of circumstances. Seeing an interesting color palette of deep blue, yellow and purple in a few hair elastics found on my floor. They were probably in my two year old daughter's hair until she ripped them out and left them for me to find later. Thank you toddler! 


This morning exploded on us with big kid waking up with a twisted foot and a rash all over her body. Turns out letting her sleep in a new nightgown without washing it first was a very bad idea. At least she wasn't contagious and was able to return to school and not miss her field trip. But with doctors appointments and running around getting medicine there went my morning to do list. So I threw it out the window and enjoyed the rest of a gorgeous day with my little girl. What started out as a rainy day turned into a sunshine filled gloriously warm fall day. We went for a bike ride around our neighborhood and split some delicious thai noodles at our favorite playground and had a really fun day. I adapted and am now using my evening and tomorrow to catch up on what I missed on my to-do list this morning.  It's all going to be okay. 


Carving in the Cold

Like just about everyone my days are very busy and it is often very hard to carve out art time during the day. Unfortunately I typically don't have much creative energy left in the evening after the kids go to bed. Which is a pity since that is sometimes the only time I have to make art. Thankfully carving is totally different and doesn't take much creativity or energy once I have a drawing already mapped out on the woodblock. Carving is a mentally minimalist and meditative process that gives me a chance to unwind at the end of a long day. Not too many things out there get me to slow down but carving a block of wood is one of those things that does force me to slow down and narrow my focus to the quiet and labor intensive careful task of carving a block of wood to print in the spring. As the days get shorter and colder there is something just right about spending the evenings in my little studio carving while drinking a cup of hot tea. As summer ended I found myself craving to have a large block of wood to slowly carve away so I got started on the planning and sketching. That is what I did during most of October. Now I am ready to carve.


An Artful Life

Weaving art into the tapestry of everyday life by including my children and family in my artful life. This week that was making lanterns for and walking in the lantern parade here in Jamaica Plain. It was the 30th annual parade at the pond and our first time walking it as a family.

Crafts are not my thing. Learning a new skill in what at least at the time feels like a high pressure environment is not my favorite activity at the end of a busy week. But on Friday afternoon after school after my little girl woke up from her nap grumpy and ran around the house mostly naked for awhile I made a batch of glue slurry, cut up some tissue paper and got to creating with my big girl. The big girl had a great time building her lantern that little girl eventually calmed down and joined us to help out with the finishing touches. 

The glue started to dry on my fingertips and that bothered me but I kept going. Soon our lantern was done. Then I made two more on my own. Funny thing how the learning process can be so painful at times but then something clicks and you just keep going and keep creating. I got to use some fun tissue paper that I have been hoarding for years.

Our three homemade lanterns dried overnight and we went to the 30th annual Jamaica Plain Lantern Festival on Saturday night with them and had a wonderful time walking around and seeing all the little kids in their costumes and running into neighbors in the dark walking around the pond and trying not to stumble into each other. There was a lot of music and dancing as well. We will be back next year.

The lanterns at Jamaica Pond  

The lanterns at Jamaica Pond