Thank you 2014! Welcoming 2015 with much excitement.

Saying a fond and grateful goodbye to the year 2014 today. It was a year of finding a new artistic voice and growing my skills and confidence. It was a year of saying goodbye to a current life, city, friends and country and it was a year of me often unconsciously self-sabotaging myself. I am going to say goodbye and thank you to all the piles of good from 2014 and thank and learn from my very personal mistakes. I am ready to wrap up things here in Boston and start our adventure in Europe. Just thinking about the inspiration for my art that I am sure to discover has me super excited and ready to get started. 


Goodbye to some pretties. Thank you Etsy!

I love these pieces. They are two of my recent favorites and I am thrilled that they are heading to a new home. No matter how much I love a piece I am always thrilled when it is purchased and goes to a new owner. I can always make more but getting my art out in the world is my ultimate goal. Thankful to have Etsy helping make that a reality since 2004.



Going on a trip this weekend to NYC by myself to see this show and so much more. My family will be staying behind and while I will miss them and call every night I am going to enjoy myself doing adult childfree things for three days. Oh and taking the train! The reading. The quiet. The headphones. So great! Really looking forward to this spur of the moment trip and spending time alone and with friends and great art.

The Goldfinch by Fabritius

The Goldfinch by Fabritius