Four months feels like an age ago. Throwback Thursday.

My sketchbook four months ago. When I start to feel discouraged I just look at a sketchbook from just a few months ago and look at what I am producing now and I feel better instantly. I can change and I can still learn. Practice and hard work are incredibly important. Also, the warm weather and busy days this summer is the perfect time for some refrigerator oatmeal.

Leaving my comfort zone and going digital.

Waiting for collagraph prints to dry so I can draw on them by hand without smudging the ink is a slow and often frustrating experience. But after a day drying my scanner won't smudge the ink if I'm careful. I am better with an actual pen than a digital pen, but I am learning and I get unlimited erasing when I draw digitally and having layers to work on and edit is pretty nice. Great way to take my art on the go with me on vacation. Though I still can't draw in the car without feeling sick.