Loner Artist Cliche

Making art is the easy part. I have more ideas than time. But marketing myself and getting my art out and seem by people is a consistent struggle. I'm not a natural extrovert and networking is hard for me.

Top Ten things I can do right now to change my path.

1) Ask for help.

2) Join local networks networks for artists in Boston and New England.

3) Take a class on art marketing.

4) Plan for the spring markets.

5) Read books on marketing my art.

6) Go to gallery openings. Stop waiting for a date and go by myself and enjoy the art and making contacts.

7) Build my network online and in person.

8) Keep blogging and keep my website active and updated.

9) Find out ways to give out more business cards.

10) Keep making art every day even on the days that I don't want to. Don't get discouraged.