Get Out There and Bike

It's super cold out there. But it's also clear and sunny with no snow or ice on the roads. And I am very aware that a snow storm is always a possibility in this city until into May. So of course I am picking up my little one from preschool on my bike whenever possible! Life is good. She's already outside and in winter gear when I get her from school and it is easy to just stick her on the bike and go home. If I can bike a little bit in February then I can bike even more in March. I have been having to drive to the burbs for appointments a few times a week and the lunchtime walks and bike rides help heal me from the mental trauma those rush hour drives cause.


Back to School

Vacation week is over and the kids are back as school and I need to get back into my regular routine. The routine that I just started just this month when the youngest started preschool mid-year. Yeah, that routine. Break wasn't awful, it was actually a lot of fun at times despite some pretty poor weather. But it had some really hard moments, especially during the last day and a half when the kids were exhausted, I was exhausted and we were just done with each other. The weekend was a time to recharge for the week of dropoffs, pickups and afterschool lessons. And time for me to get to work and get to printing. I finished carving the block I have been working on since November and I will be ready to print once I have my paper torn to size. Probably my least favorite part of the art making process. I make a day of it and do it all in one big chunk so I don't have to do it again for many months.


Core Hours

Big changes are in the work for next fall when my littlest goes off to preschool four full days a week. But this month she is starting preschool four mornings a week and that is the perfect amount of change for right now. So lucky to have the rest of this winter and spring to ease into everything. And four mornings is just enough for me to give myself the gift of work. Morning meetings with myself contained within my daily Morning Pages, followed by walking both kids to school together. Then I have about an hour to run any errands or get a coffee or do some laundry before I start my core hours in the studio with my printmaking apron on at ten and work until lunchtime at noon. Then it is time to pick the littlest one up at school. Two hours four days a week is sounding pretty fabulous after six years of cobbling time together and never having enough time to tackle the big projects.