Sketchbook Keeping (practice makes perfect)

One of the lies people believe about artists is that we all are born with so much talent and can draw beautifully from birth. I am sure there are some prodigies out there that can do just that, but I for one am not one of them. Most of us artists have some amount of natural born talent and an interest in exploring it. But mostly we just need to work very hard and practice daily. That is what I teach my daughters. My eldest daughter loves to draw and wants to be a good artist and as long as drawing is fun for her she should keep doing it every day.  

Succulent Terrarium in my art studio. 

Succulent Terrarium in my art studio. 

I am pleased with my watercolor sketching lately. It really is a muscle and the more I use it the easier it becomes and the better I get. I went from not confident with pencil to confident drawing straight away with ink. What a change that means for me. Back in art school I believed two lies about myself. That I wasn't good with color and that I wasn't a very good drawer. I discovered the truth about color ten years ago when I started relief printmaking. But I remained insecure about my drawing skills. What I didn't realize that to be better at drawing I simply needed to draw more. An odd day off due to illness or whatever here and there is fine. But getting into the practice and habit of daily drawing is super important. And these past few months I have been finding the time to easily do just that. It is enjoyable and the payoff in my skills started to show almost immediately. Too bad my first sketchbook from that period was stolen because I would love to look back at it in the future. At least I have a few sketchbook photographs from that period. 

Sketchbook Share : a stormy relationship

After a too long hiatus I started keeping a sketchbook again. First I finished off the one that I had been working on for (well) over a year, then I drew on random scraps of paper while I waiting to find the perfect next sketchbook. Then I gave up on waiting for the perfect one and the perfect moment and just grabbed one and started drawing. The lines are more solid and sure and my new personal goal is to use what I have and avoid hording my "good" materials and just use them. I started keeping a Tumblr blog just to showcase my these daily drawings.