Resistance and the War of Art


1) Resistance makes my daily Morning Page writing get harder and not easier. The writing was getting easier until I let Resistance get the upper hand on me. No more.

2) Resistance keeps me from emailing people back. Sometimes the answer I have is a no but they deserve to hear that no in a timely manner and I owe it to myself to respond so I can move on mentally. 

3) Resistance is unhealthy eating and drinking.

4) Resistance keeps me idle during my mornings off.

5) Resistance keeps me idle at night when I could be reading or doing work. 

6) Resistance is driving when I could walk or ride my bike.

7) Resistance is surfing the internet and Facebook when I could be blogging. 

8) Resistance is staying up late and sleeping in the next morning making it harder to write my morning pages. 

9) Resistance keeps a messy studio that can't be worked in effectively.  

10) Resistance does not volunteer at school. Or volunteers too much to avoid my own Work. Find my balance. 

Resistance will not beat me and I will tackle everything on this list and conquer them all this year. One by one I will cross them all off and replace them with healthy habits that lead to doing the Work. The first one is the writing that I am doing right now. Thanks to the War of Art for helping me recognize all the Resistance in my life and help give me the courage to fight it. All I need to do is choose to fight it and do the work every day. And if (when) I have an off day shake it off and keep going.

Sunny Days

Sunny Days