Morning Pages and Blogging

My first morning pages were written this morning.  We slept in this morning until Big Sister woke us up at 7:15 and while the coffee brewed I wrote. I really didn't want to write but I got into it eventually. Last night I went to bed excited to get started but this morning I just want to do what I usually do in the morning and take my time waking up. I expect this struggle will repeat itself tomorrow morning.

Last night we got a JPOS program and found out that for some reason this year it is not on the last weekend of September. Unfortunately this makes it at the same time as Big Sister's birthday party. Jon has taken over all birthday duties that day rather than try to reschedule the party. I am going to miss her party and that makes me sad and relieved at the same time. Sad about missing her joy but relieved to miss out on the stress of parties. I won't be able to make her a cake so we will have to find a place to buy something nice and affordable.

Today is a Friday. The last Friday of summer vacation. My last day with Big Sister home and despite how awesome our summer has been and how great she has been to have around I am totally ready to send her back to school. She is ready and I am starting to tire on Sumer fun activities. This week they have been happy playing Legos and My Little Pony at home and I have been letting them. But mostly I am looking forward to some childcare for Little Sister, right now I am starting to wonder if turning down the 5 mornings at preschool was a mistake. But then I think about the commute back and forth to preschool and I know I made the right decision. We might as well wait until next year and go full time and look at our other options.

My 10 ideas for blog posts:

1) Blog about my first week writing the morning pages. How I don't want to get up and break my lay in bed routine but I do and I feel good eventually. But how the next morning the not wanting to do it again will most likely totally repeat itself. The call of the comfy bed and covers is a very strong one.

2) Book reviews.

3) Do an art project with the kid(s) and blog about it.

4) A few posts about my process.

5) Being an artist with a small studio space. Making small spaces work.

6) Blog about idleness and how easy it is to fall in the idle trap. And how the morning pages snap me out of it early in the morning like a mental workout. Like a morning jog.

7) Minimalism and my journey to adopt a more minimalist lifestyle and ditch stuff. And the stuff that I can't ditch yet and why.

8) Being an artist-mom and juggling my duties as a mother, chores and my creative life. Using my limited time effectively.

9) My experience being an artist in Boston.

10) JP Open Studios and Haystack are coming up. Preparing for both and enjoying both.