jury duty

Jury Duty

First Veterans Day and no studio time and now Jury Duty and no studio time. But I expect to be doing a fair amount of sitting in the jury pool room and am bringing three sketchbooks and some supplies. There is a good chance that I will finish up two of these these sketchbooks today. One of them is an old sketchbook that only works for pencil and ink that I have kept next to my bedside table for awhile. I am going to fill it with gesture drawing warmups and doodles. The other is the Moleskine that I have been carrying around with me a few months. I am super ready to move on with both these books but I am trying not to rush it with the Moleskine. I told myself that I need to spend some time with my next Moleskine drawing that I do since I have been using it for fast drawings and that is fine, but I should focus on line a little bit more. I am looking forward to my next sketchbook, but it is time to remain present with my current sketchbook. Sitting and people watching is a good chance to do that. Maybe I can creep out the judge and he will send me home for the day.


Jury Duty

I have Jury Duty on Wednesday and we are trying to get our favorite Parents in a Pinch babysitter here otherwise Jon will stay home with the kids. I'm actually looking forward to spending the day away from the children and my responsibilities at home and getting some reading done. As long as I don't get picked and it is just the day it should be nice. Jon's parents will be visiting on Thursday and Friday and offered to watch the kids those days if I have to serve but those days are very busy and I would like to be home and not on a jury during their visit. But right now Wednesday is sounding a bit like a vacation that I pretty clearly need. I just starting reading The Goldfinch and could use some quiet time to read and sketch. If the weather is nice I can bike to the courthouse. A day away from my little princess on Wednesday is starting to look pretty nice after this weekend of craziness.