February Vacation Week


Time to fill up my sketchbook. It has been 75% complete for months now and neglected. Not sure why I stopped the habit of drawing everyday but now is a great time to start again and finish it by drawing every morning this vacation week when there is nowhere to be for hours. Nothing is more important to an artistic life than keeping an active sketchbook. And drawing in the sunlight with a cup of coffee and some refrigerator oatmeal is a pretty awesome way to start the day. Healthy, easy and productive. Awesome! 



Last year when we went out to dinner on my birthday it was freezing as we walked through Boston Common in the dark windy cold. My husband asked if we could move my birthday out of February and I asked to relocate to somewhere warm. Another year passed and we have done neither. Flight tickets in February are all kinds of expensive and this winter in particular one needs to go pretty far in order to get legitimately warm weather. And I can't just change the date of my birthday. What I can do is change my headspace and catch myself whenever I start feeling sorry for myself. Instead of dwelling on being stuck home alone with the kids in Boston during vacation week as another storm heads our way I am thinking of blessing. Enjoying my awesome kids and coming up with a plan to get us through this day. And maybe even letting them watch too much TV between craft projects so I can spend some quality time in my studio today and this week. Here I am, buried in the snow in Boston with my two fabulous and completely crazy children and it's not so bad. That's just what happens with a February 18th birthday.