Time to fill up my sketchbook. It has been 75% complete for months now and neglected. Not sure why I stopped the habit of drawing everyday but now is a great time to start again and finish it by drawing every morning this vacation week when there is nowhere to be for hours. Nothing is more important to an artistic life than keeping an active sketchbook. And drawing in the sunlight with a cup of coffee and some refrigerator oatmeal is a pretty awesome way to start the day. Healthy, easy and productive. Awesome! 


Winter Distractions

Snowy days, illnesses, furniture building, redecorating, milestones, birthdays, parties, no school and Christmas. That has been my life these long cold weeks. Before I knew it these things had taken up all of December. No time for myself or for my art. Then I got my surprise trip to NYC without the family to recharge and came home just in time for the New Year to start and Boston to get a blizzard. The snow is coming and my kids are off playing nicely together and I have a chance to write and think. It won't last so I need to seize the peace whenever I have it. It's all about balance. Sometimes I lose the balance but I always find it again with some effort.