Six months in observations

(Almost) Six months into packing up everything and moving to England we are pretty much adjusted to our new life. I have some observations. 

1) Living abroad is lonely. Moving to a country with the same language certainly helps but the cultural differences are still hard to overcome. 

2) You adjust. My kids adjusted the quickest and my husband and I a little slower. Adjustment doesn't happen all at once but it ebbs and flows.  

3) Visitors from home are awesome! Our first visitors from the states came in May and we really appreciated spending time with them.

4) But when they leave homesickness will be rekindled.  

5) Living abroad is addictive. I love not being super tied down and hope to live in other countries in the future.  

6) There are so many flowers and birds in the UK! At least in the area that I am blessed to live in. 

7) I am allergic to at least some of that beautiful plantlife. This past May was by far my worst experience with allergies.  

8) I don't know why crosswalks exist since drivers constantly block them.  

9) Traffic is the worst! But walking, biking and public transit are all reasonable options. (Despite the crosswalk blocking vehicles) 

10) Living here still feels like a dream that I am going to wake up from.  



Finding myself already counting down to our next vacation. On vacation in new countries I don't expect to know anybody and don't have the chance to feel bad. Here in England when I go out and am around people it is the worst because at home I know people back home through online. But out there I know nobody. Feeling alone in a crowd feels like a horrible party every time I go out of the house. It rarely bothers me I'm so busy and preoccupied with making art and growing my skills and business, but when it does ouch! Summer might me difficult for me.