Vacationland: Princesses and Fast Rides

My days are spent with my family swimming and pounding the pavement at Disney World. My evenings are spent resting my tired feet and drawing. Pretty great way to spend my vacation. Princess Kitty agrees that this was worth the drive. In between all the drawing, painting and reading I'm doing on vacation (hah!) I have been spending hours at the parks with my family. Fun but oh so tiring. The more time we spend at the parks the less energy I have for my work, but I am still managing to get stuff done. Finding the right balance between "rest" and work is a challenge at all times, during vacation is no exception. 


Vacation: We're Going to Disney! (again)

How did I become the type of person that enjoys Disney World? My family went last year and I was more excited about the sunshine than about the park. I left saying while we had fun I wanted to wait at least two years before going back because I didn't want to go with a three year old. But as the year went on I softened. A few short years from now the kids won't be interested, but for now it is magical. I am excited to go back to Disneyworld! And excited about the sunshine. Filling my sketchbook with doodles of the sleeveless dresses I am going to wear. I am going to bring my sketchbook with me and come back with all sorts of interesting drawings whenever I have the chance. 


Get Out and Play!

An important lesson I have gotten from my child is how important play actually is. Sometimes when I am working with her I find myself getting a bit rule driven, controlling and focused on "not messing up" that I have to force myself to step back and let her be the playful person that she does so well. In this case it was letting her paint a smiley face with black paint in the pink paint even though inside my head I was screaming about the dark color contaminating the light color. And really it was okay. No lasting damage and the moment of happiness and pure joy was totally worth the little bit of mess. Yesterday was 60 degree weather here in Boston so I let myself go out and play in the sunshine with my kids instead of getting inky in my studio. Brought my sketchbook and didn't even use it. Most everything is replaceable except for time and these moments. 


Snow Day Art Day!

Another snow day here in Boston. What is it with all these mid-week storms? I shouldn't complain because I think another storm is forecasted for this weekend. Looking at the snow piling up outside it is hard to believe just this past Sunday we were stomping around in rainboots at light jackets at a local farm. Not today. We might go out later to build a snowman or sled. But mostly today is for staying inside and doing art. Like contact paper sun catchers for our windows. That is, we will do that if they ever stop playing together in their room. Little sister is super excited to have her big sister home with her today. My Little Pony, Lego, Magnatiles, dressup and even trains have all come out so far this morning. There is still plenty of time to make one of these right?  We did it!