Get Out and Play!

An important lesson I have gotten from my child is how important play actually is. Sometimes when I am working with her I find myself getting a bit rule driven, controlling and focused on "not messing up" that I have to force myself to step back and let her be the playful person that she does so well. In this case it was letting her paint a smiley face with black paint in the pink paint even though inside my head I was screaming about the dark color contaminating the light color. And really it was okay. No lasting damage and the moment of happiness and pure joy was totally worth the little bit of mess. Yesterday was 60 degree weather here in Boston so I let myself go out and play in the sunshine with my kids instead of getting inky in my studio. Brought my sketchbook and didn't even use it. Most everything is replaceable except for time and these moments. 


First Bike Ride of 2014

Last year I got into riding my bike to get around the city. I would bike to run errands, I would bike by myself and I would bike with my littlest buckled in a seat behind me. Just as I started to really get into a groove with it the weather turned frigid and it started to snow. And I stopped because snow and ice are my limit when it comes to biking. There is still some melting snow on the ground but no ice on the roads so I was able to go on a nice little ride by myself this morning. I know that we could get hit with another snow storm tomorrow so I made sure to get out while I still could. I officially have spring fever. Come on spring! We miss you so much. Sledding and snowman building are both very fun but enough already. Winter is such a drag.