Morning Pages and Mandalas

When I got out of the habit of writing morning pages I moved over to sketching in the morning. Turns out doing a controlled drawing like a mandala early in the morning is a good way to wake up and get my hand eye coordination started. But my thoughts suffered and in turn my blog suffered without my Morning Pages. So I am back to writing then again in the morning. Summer is pretty great for that as we simply have more time and are not so rushed in the morning. So I write then I draw and sometimes I draw then I write. And I avoid email and social media until I am done, often I wait much longer. And my day is set up and started in a positive productive manner. 

photo (28).JPG

Keeping a Sketchbook

Finishing up the sketchbook that I have kept for over a year after some down time is satisfying. I'm so ready to start fresh and keep the habit of daily drawing. I tend to pass over the activity and not take it seriously but it really is super effective at clearing out my head and generating ideas. It opens me up in the morning and calms me down in the evening. It's something I can do when I am alone or as a fun activity with my kids. Perfect.