One month in England

It's been a month already! It has been a long and challenging month with stress and illness. But good things are ahead and I am very excited to stretch my creativity in England and the rest of Europe. In a month I will be all moved into my new art studio and it will be spring. Spring and flowers in March! I can hardly contain my excitement.  


Leaving my comfort zone and going digital.

Waiting for collagraph prints to dry so I can draw on them by hand without smudging the ink is a slow and often frustrating experience. But after a day drying my scanner won't smudge the ink if I'm careful. I am better with an actual pen than a digital pen, but I am learning and I get unlimited erasing when I draw digitally and having layers to work on and edit is pretty nice. Great way to take my art on the go with me on vacation. Though I still can't draw in the car without feeling sick.


Keeping a Sketchbook

Finishing up the sketchbook that I have kept for over a year after some down time is satisfying. I'm so ready to start fresh and keep the habit of daily drawing. I tend to pass over the activity and not take it seriously but it really is super effective at clearing out my head and generating ideas. It opens me up in the morning and calms me down in the evening. It's something I can do when I am alone or as a fun activity with my kids. Perfect.


Core Hours - Week One Impressions

Even though I didn't follow my 10-12 core hours perfectly every day without distraction I still managed to have a rather productive starting week. May there be many more to come. I mounted and waxed a bunch of artwork. Hung some pieces. Reached out to a local place to show this summer and did some drawing. I did not carve or prepare any of the paper that I got last week. That's okay because I have time for all of that. It's not even spring yet.