Thank you Altoid (watercolor) Lovers!

Wow! There has been quite a response to my DIY Altoid Watercolor Kit Tutorial last week. I hope it inspired people to make their own travel kits and then get outside and make some art. I hope to do more posts of this nature on a semi- regular basis so stay tuned. Any ideas? For now I wanted to be sure to thank all the people that responded to my first illustrated tutorial and welcome them to my blog. Also, after being disappointed in how the spray paint pallet wore I replaced it with a white waterproof sticker. I would love to see kits that have been made either inspired by mine or on their own. I am constantly tweaking my travel supplies as my needs change and love getting ideas from others.


My (little) open studio Saturday

Opening up my studio to people on Saturday was a big scary for my introverted side and I nearly send a message cancelling it a bunch of times the night and even morning before. But I went through with it and had a great time. It was a beautiful day so most people were having fun outside, but I got to work and enjoy talking to the people that did come. Thank you! I will be doing this again sometime, possibly in the fall or winter. The most enjoyable part for me was the conversations. Having studio space in my house is so convenient with small children but I miss the conversations that I imagine I would have if I rented a shared spot somewhere. Also, enjoyed giving ATC to the kids that came and getting them excited about making and collecting original artwork. 



I am thankful for my family, my health and my creativity. I am lucky to have the kind of life that allows me to express my creativity on a regular basis. That is my number one thanks for this past year. I didn't have it so much the year prior but I had it last year and I have it this year and hopefully all my following years. Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends that celebrate with me.