New Starts!

Now that Open Studios is over with I can start planning for the next big event(s) in my art life. On Monday I completed sketchbook #6 and started sketchbook #7 and them almost immediately felt sketchbook paralysis. Not on the first page since I start the first page the same every time with a collection of colors, my name and number and a quote to inspire me. But after page number three or four I started to feel blocked. The perfect cure was a walk around the Arnold Arboretum here in JP collecting fallen leaves. Now I need to paint them and their gorgeous fall colors in my sketchbook before they all turn brown! Following that is a workshop on Moku Hanga Japanese printmaking workshop at the Elliot School here in JP this weekend. Back to printmaking I go but with a big change in learning a new technique that I have been interested in for years now. In a week I will be in Maine...


Saturday Share : Printmaker Annie Bissett

Learning the labor intensive and gorgeous Japanese woodblock printmaking style Moku hanga is high on my artist bucket list. Following Annie Bissett's art is one major reason for this desire to learn moko-hanga and break out of the oily western printmaking tradition. Coupled with my newfound love for watercolor and moku-hanga is a must do for me as an artist. I have enjoyed following Annie's growth as a printmaker over the years. Her lovely yet thought provoking prints are composed and created with great time, thought and care. I am especially loving her current series Secret Codewords of the NSA.

watercolor meets printmaking in moku-hanga

watercolor meets printmaking in moku-hanga