Tired. Keep going.

I was tired and wanted to go to bed as soon as the kids went to bed. I wanted them to go to bed early so I could go to bed early. Then they ended staying up drawing together in their room so I wandered back to my studio to tinker with some paintings. I am glad I kept going. Once I get through my to do list I will start putting watercolors up on my Etsy shop. I am nervous about listing these new creation as I still very much consider myself a student when it comes to watercolor. But I was a student with printmaking too not all that long ago.


New Starts!

Now that Open Studios is over with I can start planning for the next big event(s) in my art life. On Monday I completed sketchbook #6 and started sketchbook #7 and them almost immediately felt sketchbook paralysis. Not on the first page since I start the first page the same every time with a collection of colors, my name and number and a quote to inspire me. But after page number three or four I started to feel blocked. The perfect cure was a walk around the Arnold Arboretum here in JP collecting fallen leaves. Now I need to paint them and their gorgeous fall colors in my sketchbook before they all turn brown! Following that is a workshop on Moku Hanga Japanese printmaking workshop at the Elliot School here in JP this weekend. Back to printmaking I go but with a big change in learning a new technique that I have been interested in for years now. In a week I will be in Maine...


Happy Friday

Finishing up an art filled week with a sunny and mild Friday and looking forward to the weekend. Loving these early fall weather days here in Boston. On Tuesday and Wednesday I wandered and on Monday and Thursday I stayed close to home. Today I will have two little ones with me so any adventures will need to include them.

from my Wednesday wanderings

from my Wednesday wanderings

Summer is over

High of 87 degrees is reported today, but despite the temperatures summer is officially over for us. We might be able to squeeze in one more trip up north this weekend but even that is pushing it. Kids are both back in school and I am jumping back into busy art activities. The schedule is filling up quickly. After I drop off my daughter at school I will go for a run and then I will be busy hanging my work at a local shop on Centre street and tonight I will be there drawing, painting and talking to people about my work. Looking forward to it.

planning out my wall for hanging for 668 Centre Street in Jamaica Plain

planning out my wall for hanging for 668 Centre Street in Jamaica Plain